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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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ealthWe ensure to inform parents of the progress we are making in all areas of school improvement. 

The updates aim to give a valuable opportunity to show what has been done throughout the year in raising standards in performance and behaviour as well giving a brief opportunity to highlight the next steps for the coming year.

Below are presentations, school development plans, pupils and parents views which were used to demonstrate the progress being made within the school.


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing at Featherstone Primary School Mar 2021



Post Covid19 - Recovery Plan

School Development Plans

SDP 2019-2020

SDP - Three Year Strategic Development Plan 2018 - 2019

SDP Teaching, Learning and Assessment 2018-2019

SDP Leadership and Management 2018-2019

SDP Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare 2018-2019

SDP Outcomes 2018-2019

SDP 2016-2017

SDP 2015-2016

SDP 2014-2015

SDP 2013-2014

Presentations to Parents

Relationship, Health and Sex Education - 5th Nov 2019

Early Closure Consultation - Jan 2018 

E-Safety Parent Workshop - 19 March 2017

Pupil Voice 

Nov 2018

Nov 2017

Sept 2017

Jan 2015 - Questionnaire on Behaviour

Sept 2015 

Oct 2015 Life as a British Citizen

Mar 2014 - Lunchtime 

Oct 2013- Questionnaire on Behaviour 

Oct 2012

Parent Questionnaires

Oct 2018 Parent Questionnaire

July 2018 Parent Questionnaire

March 2018 Parent Questionnaire on Equality in School

Sept 2017 Parent Questionnaire

Jun 2016 R.E Questionnaire

Oct 2016 Behaviour Questionnaire by Beacon School Support

Oct 2015 Parent Questionnaire

Feb 2015 Parent Questionnaire

Oct 2014 Parent Questionnaire

Jul 2014  Parent Questionnaire

Jan 2014 Parent Questionnaire

Oct 2013 Parent Questionnaire

Sept 2012 Parent Questionnaire

Jul 2011 Parent Questionnaire 

Feb 2011 Parent Questionnaire