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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Vision Statement



Featherstone Primary aspires to equip every child with the skills they need for lifelong learning by developing confident, ambitious learners, who take ownership of their learning and are proud of their achievements as they grow. 


At Featherstone Primary we believe that learning should be exciting, purposeful and challenging. Our school aims to inspire and prepare every child to have high expectations of themselves and others. We will achieve this by providing a creative and challenging curriculum that motivates and encourages all children to reach their potential. This will be balanced with personal choice, sport and creativity so that each can flourish within a safe, but challenging framework designed to specifically fit their needs. We will prepare our children to encounter opportunities with resilience, perseverance and self-determination and encourage them to grow and become responsible, independent learners. We will work closely with the children, their families and the local community fostering positive, supportive relationships to benefit all pupils of the school. We are very determined for all our pupils and believe that our emphasis on high-quality teaching is a key feature of our success.


  • To aim for each child to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum, so that they are equipped and prepared for their Secondary transition. 
  • To provide a curriculum that is designed to excite and motivate children with a range of topics and projects that are of interest to them and to which they can fully contribute so that their learning is engaging, interactive and challenging.
  •  To create a positive, safe learning environment and to endeavour to develop the whole child, meeting individual needs where differences are recognised, celebrated and appreciated.
  • To encourage pupils to be responsible British citizens for the future who can actively contribute to a diverse society.
  • To support each child’s emotional wellbeing so that they can talk openly about their feelings with confidence.
  • To equip children to evaluate and assess, to take risks and to make positive choices as part of their learning.
  • To promote lifelong learning to all, through high-quality professional development for all staff and by developing a learning culture throughout the school.
  • To include all members of the school community, pupils, parents, governors and staff, in the process of development, not only of themselves but also of the school itself.