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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Throughout the year, most of our learning is based on a topic. We have a ‘so what’ question or ‘big idea’. We plan our literacy, maths and foundation learning around these over-arching themes. Each topic has vocabulary that children will learn, putting their learning into context.

Autumn 1 

“I am going to be 5, so what?” - This is an “All about me” topic so that we can get to know the children and learn about their likes/dislikes, what they can do and what they are interested in.

We hold a MacMillan Coffee afternoon as an opportunity to speak to staff and find out how your child has settled.


Autumn 2 

“We need food to live, but what food is good for us?”- This is a big idea focusing on food; where it comes from and how it is important for our bodies.

At the end of the term, we put on a Nativity play for you to enjoy.


 Spring 1

“We can travel all around the world, but what can I use?”- This big idea focuses on transport and the different ways we can travel.


We hold a parent junk modelling workshop as an opportunity for you to come and be creative with your child.


 Spring 2

“Cows and tigers are animals, so why don’t tigers live on a farm?”- This big idea focuses on animals including where they live, similarities and differences.

We plan a trip to a local farm and base our learning around our educational visit.


 Summer 1

“Plants are really important, so what?”- This focuses on plants and growing, including the cycle of a seed.


We invite you in to a workshop where the children showcase their learning.


 Summer 2

“I have changed so much this past year, so what?”- This final topic focuses on the transitions between Reception and Year 1. We also look back at our learning and how much we have grown throughout our year.


To end our first year in Reception, we hold a Graduation ceremony where the children perform and receive a certificate.