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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Featherstone’s Curriculum – The Featherstone Enrichment Programme

At Featherstone Primary School, we do not just want children to succeed academically; we want to build and mould ‘the whole child’ because we recognise that children have many different talents and abilities; we, therefore, foster knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding development in many non-statutory but highly important areas.

‘The Featherstone Enrichment Programme’ sits side-by-side our delivery of The National Curriculum and offers Featherstone children multiple experiences. This enrichment programme is a promise to: improve, enhance, develop and deepen our learners’ world understanding. Under a multitude of categories, children are guaranteed to undertake a wide range of experiences from Reception to Year Six that meet the objective we have set ourselves – to enrich their world understanding.



Current affairs

Traditions and events

Visits and visitors

Special projects

Values, SMSC and safety

Championship Award Scheme

Making the most of the school and grounds

Giving back to the community

The Featherstone Enrichment Programme is child-centred and so in many ways, child-led. The Featherstone Championship Award Scheme (part of our enrichment curriculum) inspires, enthuses and motivates children to work towards a self-led yet structured programme of events in seven stages: children undertake volunteering, skills and physical activities to work towards completing a personalised programme  which culminates in the final award that they are striving for – Platinum.

Below is a summary of the requirements needed to fulfil the seven stages of The Featherstone Championship Award Scheme. Children take part in the activities of their choosing on a Friday afternoon (replaces the old-style Golden Time system) but then may, depending on which stage of the award they are working towards, need to complete additional hours outside of the school day.


10 hours Skills and Values


10 hours Physical


10 hours Volunteering


8 hours Volunteering

8 hours Physical

8 hours Skills and Values


10 hours  Volunteering

10 hours Physical

12 hours Skills and Values


12 hrs Volunteering

12 hrs Physical

12 hrs Skills and Values


15 hrs Volunteering

15 hrs Physical

15 hrs Skills and Values

During the Enrichment Programme, children will gain a very wide range of skills depending upon the route that they take to complete the programme; ultimately, no two routes will be the same because no two children (and their interests) are the same. Depending on which groups and activities they complete will dictate the types of skills gained. Typically, skills such as co-operation, communication, risk-taking, motivation, leadership and problem-solving will be enhanced but more niche skills could also be increased depending upon which activities children undertake.

The activities themselves vary greatly also. Presently, we offer life skills, orienteering, outdoor survival skills, game making, photography, baking, card making, drama, wildlife food making, sketching, computing, singing and gardening although these offers will change as children progress through the awards.

Overall, we offer children an enriching programme that helps them to develop above and beyond the statutory requirements of The National Curriculum. 

Champion Scheme Award - Linked to The Enrichment Programme