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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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In Key Stage 1, Children are taught to read during their daily Read Write Inc phonics session and receive at least 5 sessions per week. The Read Write Inc phonics programme texts are of graded difficulty and are closely matched to the phonic knowledge of the children. During these sessions, children are also taught comprehension skills. All sessions take place in a group no bigger than 15 children.

Once children complete the Read Write Inc phonics programme, children will move away from book scheme books and into a whole class/group reading lesson that mimics the format of Key Stage 2 at an age-appropriate level.

In Key Stage 2, children receive at least four whole class reading sessions per week. These sessions provide opportunities for children to develop their independent reading skills, inference skills and comprehension skills. As well as using written texts to support reading skill development, children are also given the opportunity to apply their inference skills to new contexts such as images, video clips and advertisements.