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Homework is an area that we always ask about in parent questionnaires. For a number of years, we have listened to your views, opinions and taken your comments on board on how we can make homework more of an enjoyable task for children and families.

Giving children the opportunity to try new things and develop new skills can be hugely beneficial and exceptionally rewarding for parents to observe. It can help children to grow in confidence, expand their understanding of the world around them and introduce a hobby or a passion that could last for years to come.

This is why we have published a ‘Home Learning Passport’ based on activities that children in different years can do independently and also activities that you can do with your child and have fun!  The Home Learning Passport is there to offer inspiration and provides ideas for each year group, with tasks that have been planned to help children build life skills, resilience and independent skills.

How will the Home Learning Passport work?

Each set of activities is planned in the passport linked to what your child is learning about in their class.   For example, the research projects are topics that children will be covering in their curriculum during the term.   

To explain each of the tasks please see table below.

Research project 

These are projects in your child’s year group. They will differ depending on what your child is currently learning. For example, they may have a History research project, model making activity, or presentation.  Your child’s class teacher will give details on what the research project is about.


Your child will need to master the multiplication times tables that have been set for them for this term.


Read the books in the Book Challenge for your child’s year group so that by the end of the year, your child has read the total number of books as part of ‘Every child to read 100 books before leaving their Primary School.’

Enjoyment and practical tasks

These are tasks for your child to complete at home with you.   They are fun and just need to be signed off by you. 

The aim of the passport is for parents to take ownership of their child’s tasks and you would need to date when the task has been completed.  At the end of each term, your child’s class teacher will sign off the passport to recognise your child’s achievements.

At the end of the year, you will be able to keep the passport and have a record of the tasks that you have completed with your child and of the skills that they have gained along their journey. It would be wonderful if you could complete some of the Passport with your children and it would certainly be fantastic for the teachers to hear about your experiences completing the tasks. 



Autumn EYFS Homework Passport

Autumn Y1 Homework Passport                Autumn Y2 Homework Passport

Autumn Y3 Homework Passport                Autumn Y4 Homework Passport 

Autumn Y5 Homework Passport                Autumn Y6 Homework Passport


Spring EYFS Homework Passport

Spring Y1 Homework Passport                  Spring Y2 Homework Passport

Spring Y3 Homework Passport                  Spring Y4 Homework Passport

Spring Y5 Homework Passport                  Spring Y6 Homework Passport