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Featherstone Primary School

Featherstone Primary School

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Celebration of Excellence and Effort

The expectation is that all children behave at Featherstone and demonstrate the positive values all day, every day. When children meet and exceed the expectations in school, we celebrate their excellence and effort in different ways:

  • Zone Board – A teacher/teaching assistant may decide that children have been spotted doing so well that their name is moved up the zones on the zone board to bronze, then silver, then gold and in exceptional circumstances to platinum.  Rewards are given out in points as children move up the ladder colours.   If a child reaches ‘Platinum,’ they have the opportunity to see the Head or Deputy Head Teacher and to earn ten house points for their house. At the end of the week, children who have remained on green or higher will be awarded with half an hour of Enrichment Time.
  • Privilege Card – Where children’s work is of a high quality, privilege cards are awarded for pupils to show their work to the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher.
  • House Points – Featherstone Primary School operates a house system. Our houses are Phoenix (red), Pegasus (yellow), Unicorn (blue) and Griffin (green).  All pupils join a house when they enter in Reception. House points are earnt through good behaviour, meeting expectations well and producing work of a high quality. Any house points earnt count towards the half termly and yearly treat.  At the end of each half term, a small treat will be earnt by each child in the house who has collected the most house points.  At the end of the year the house that has earnt the most house points from September to July will have earnt a larger treat. 

House points are at the core of our teaching, learning and behaviour approaches and, as such, each house is led by one house captain – an individual who really embodies and lives by all of our expectations and values, going above and beyond them on a daily basis. The aim is to inspire and motivate members of their houses to replicate their outstanding behaviour and morals.

As part of a meaningful and purposeful learning journey, and to help set children up for wider life skills, all children at the end of Year Five are invited and encouraged to formally apply for the role of house captain, via an application form and job description, and then attend an interview. This process is fair and robust and allows children the opportunity to experience real learning with a purposeful outcome.